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We significantly improved Impreza Blog Demo. Now it’s like a real journal

Now this demo has new Blog layouts, which were created with best

Ana Sagara Ana Sagara Mayo 7, 2019

UpSolution released Impreza version 5. Now it’s possible to create versatile post lists

Grid Layout is a way of showing posts (pages, portfolio pages, testimonials,

Ana Sagara Ana Sagara Marzo 26, 2019

Now You Can Find An App That Is Really Made For News

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Ana Sagara Ana Sagara Febrero 20, 2019

If you’re great with Dutch language, help us to translate Impreza

Want to help translate this theme? Join translation of Impreza!

Ana Sagara Ana Sagara Enero 25, 2019

Corsa is not supported anymore. Read more about that

Corsa theme WON'T be updated and supported anymore. The main reason is

Ana Sagara Ana Sagara Enero 19, 2019

Show your Impreza website and we’ll include it into our Showcase

As you may know, our Impreza landing page has the Showcase section,

Ana Sagara Ana Sagara Enero 10, 2019

If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business

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Ana Sagara Ana Sagara Enero 9, 2019